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Transfer by VIP Vehicle

Our VIP vehicle service is designed to enable our customers to travel in comfort. Our customers, who are taken to our hospital or hotel, will travel comfortably in our latest model vehicles.

Our vehicles have a high-tech and extremely comfortable interior. It also features a fully air-conditioned, air-pollution-filtering ventilation system along with an interior specially designed for our customers, making it comfortable for passengers to travel.

All drivers of our vehicles are experienced and highly trained drivers. Our customers will travel safely and comfortably throughout the entire journey.

Our VIP vehicle service has been designed with every detail in mind to ensure that our customers travel comfortably and safely. 

Our customers can experience more convenience and comfort during their stay, as all the details of their trip will be organized by us.


In addition, we offer all kinds of services that our customers may need during their travels in accordance with their travel plans. These services include many options such as airport transfers, city transportation, touristic excursions, restaurant and event reservations.

Our VIP vehicle service has been carefully designed to prevent our customers from experiencing any problems during their travels and to provide the highest level of comfort. Therefore, we always strive to provide the best quality service to our customers.

As Emel Eren Clinic, we are working to make the travels of our customers more convenient and comfortable with our VIP vehicle service. It is our priority to always provide the highest quality service to our customers and to consider every detail for their safety and comfort.


Pre-Examination Appointment 

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