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Cheek Aesthetics

Bichectomy is a cosmetic surgical procedure that consists of removing the balls of Bichat located in the cheeks. So, it consists in removing the balls of the Bichat or fat body from the cheek, through the mouth (take fat from 2 cheeks).

It is a reference intervention to refine the cheeks and redefine facial lines. It replaced liposuction of the cheeks, which was not very effective. It allows the cheeks to be excavated, the cheekbones to be more defined, and the angles of the jaws to protrude. All these criteria are defined as beauty standards today. It redefines your face and does so permanently. Corrects the roundness (convex) of the cheeks into an S shape.

Bichectomy is an increasingly common surgical procedure, often performed on mannequins. It is mainly done by women. Indeed, cheek fat is little affected by weight changes and remains almost constant for a lifetime. Therefore, after significant weight loss, the roundness of the cheeks may continue. Its physiological role is limited, and its resection is partial, limited to its jugal part.

Maxillofacial surgeon, is the ideal hero to perform this type of surgery. Indeed, besides being trained in the Bichectomy technique and possessing an excellent anatomical knowledge of the face, he regularly performs surgical procedures, including Bichat balls for other medical pathologies.


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